Privacy Policy


No one likes reading Privacy Policies, so the fact that you're here, means that you want to make sure your information is safe (Great work!): Our aim is to comply with and exceed all existing Canadian Privacy Regulations, so you can enjoy your online Fundraising experience, and not worry about your Personal Information being mis-managed, or used maliciously.


We've always believed cookies are best for eating 🍪, and therefore we don't use any tracking cookies! The Website only uses Cookies for Login or Shopping Cart purposes.

Password-free Login

We do not directly collect or store any User passwords. The Website works with existing Authentication Providers, that are generally trusted and offer accounts free-of-charge, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Alternatively, you can authenticate your email address by having a one-time FunAuthentication code sent to your email.

User Information

User Information (listed below) is only collected and stored for login purposes. We do not sell or trade your User Information. If you create an account, we collect and store the following data:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Profile Picture or Url from linked Social Service (if used to Login)
This information will be made available to Fundraiser organizers if you make any purchases.

Login or Guest?

For completing an Order from a public Fundraisers, a Login is not necessary... you can complete your purchase as a Guest. For Auctions, a Login in is required to place a bid. One advantage of a Login, is the ability to view your previous Order, which you cannot do as a Guest.

Order Information

If you complete an Order from a Fundraiser on the Website, the following user information will be asked and collected and stored in order to fulfill your order:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address

Order Information from previous Orders may be erased after a reasonable amount of time after the Fundraiser has ended (e.g. 90 days afterwards).

Financial Information

Financial transactions are processed via Interac e-transfers, or PCI-compliant online payment processors, such as Square or Stripe. We do not store User bank or credit card information directly.

School Information

For School Fundraisers, we may work with a School or a committee in connection with a School (e.g. Home and School Association), to be provided with a list of classes/teachers (no student names). Users completing an order for a School Fundraiser will be asked to choose an associated class and enter the student's name for Fundraiser order logistics. All class lists and entered student names will be deleted from our databases at the end of the school year.

Information Security

Sensitive Personal Identifiable Information, such as Email, Phone, Address, are Encrypted at-rest and in-transit, so you can rest assured your information is unlikely to be compromised here.

Data Location

The Website is created in Canada, primarily for Canadians, but we presently use private cloud servers that are located in the United States.

Right to be Erased

If you wish to have your user information erased, please send us an email using this link. Information that is still required to fulflil a pending order or purchase will not be erased until the order has been completed.

Privacy Policy last updated January 16th, 2024.