London Food Bank



Our mission is to help a generous community share its food resources.


  • Act as a front-line agency assisting those struggling to make ends meet
  • Act as a food warehouse and work with other agencies that assist people in need


  1. Distribute food and food-related products to those requiring assistance
  2. Accept donations of food and food-related products
  3. Accept donations of money or other property
  4. Collect, inspect, and store items for distribution
  5. Co-operate with other organizations that have similar objectives
  6. Serve as a common contact point for various and diverse segments of the London community
  7. Reduce the stress on social service agencies and churches by providing co-ordination and support in the distribution of food stuffs
  8. Ensure that support and information are consistently available, to help guarantee the appropriateness of emergency programs
  9. Work with other groups towards a solution to the problem of poverty in Canada
No current Fundraisers, but we hope start FUNdraising soon!
Cause Fundriaser Name Status Start Date End Date
London Food Bank Helping Hands Charity Auction 2023


926 Leathorne Street
London, ON

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 519-659-4045